Microsoft Surface Laptop Review

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is also known as the Surface Book is an interesting 2 in 1 device. It can function both as a tablet as well as a notebook. Microsoft Surface Laptop is a super slim & well designed. Find out detail specs review below!


Surface Pen

Windows Hello

2 in 1 device

Super slim & ultraportable device

Faster CPU


Screen Size: 13.5” Touch Screen

Screen Resolution: 2256 x 1504 pixels

CPU: 7th generation Intel Core i5

GPU: Intel HD Graphics

Memory: 4GB of RAM

Storage Drive: 128GB SSD

Wireless: 802.11ac WiFi Wireless Networking, Bluetooth 4.0

Weight: 2.76 lbs

Average Battery Life: 9 hours

Specs Review:

The exterior made of soft-touch carbon fiber & interior is a unique material which is awesome and also it hold hands properly while trying. Microsoft Surface laptop is fairly portable but slightly heavy compared to other notebooks. The hinges are strong and it is one-handed open. It is available in different colors. The display is 13.5” touch screen which gives fantastic experience. The resolution is 2256 x 1504 pixels. The display is very bright and colorful. You can use it outdoors. The color accuracy is not so good. It has good color gamut & wide viewing angles. The webcam is good to compare to other 13” notebooks. But it is not very color accurate.

The keyboard is quite good. It has 1.4mm key travel and very comfortable to type especially the material of interior surface hold hands properly. The layout is good. The typing experience is excellent. The trackpad is awesome. Microsoft did an awesome job on the keyboard! It has glass surface on it and tracking is very smooth. It never skips while tracking. The buttons feel good. The buttons are very responsive.

SSD speed is relatively slow. If drives capacity increase, speeds also increase but in this case speed is decrease. But it gives decent performance. You should upgrade it with faster drives. It crashed some games very nicely but you can’t play modern demanding games on it.

It has a 45Wh battery and it gives freaking 9hours of battery life which is awesome. Microsoft Surface laptop stays cool at normal load. It holds thermal very well but fans get loud at heavy load. The speakers are great and well positioned. Actually, the speakers are at under the keyboard. The sound is clear and bass feels good. At maximum volume, the sound doesn’t get distort.

If you pay extra $99 you will get Surface Pen which is kind of stylus. The surface pen is great, you can draw and easily annotate pages on the browser. I like surface pen and it’s totally worth it. You can mount it on any sides of the display.

This unit is running on 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. The display is awesome but it is not very color accurate. The ports selection are nice here. The keyboard is good and it gives excellent typing experience. The trackpad has glass surface and tracking is great and the button is very responsive. The speakers on Microsoft Surface laptop is great and sound is quite loud. But the good thing it never distorts at maximum volume. The drives speed is relatively slow. You should upgrade it with faster drives. The gaming experience is good and it crashes most of the games but still, you can’t play modern demanding games. The battery performance is great and gives more than 9 hours of battery life. This Microsoft Surface laptop will cost you around $1000.

Customer Review Summary:

“That awkward moment when you have the same fabric on a laptop and in the carJ”

“There’s no other Windows or Apple laptop I’d rather have right now”

“A beautiful device with a lot that goes right with it ands only a few compromises”


Microsoft Surface Laptop is totally worth it. Some people asking me about 4GB of RAM model. But I want to say something to them, it is working properly with 4GB of RAM. You can run 9-10 tab on the web browser, 1080p video editing, Netflix and youtube very comfortably. So, If you purchase 4GB ofRAM model then don’t worry, It gives you an amazing experience. I really like this Microsoft Surface laptop. I only don’t like about it is driving are slower compared to other 13” notebooks. OtherwiseArticle Search, this is an awesome surface laptop and I have to say Microsoft did an awesome job!

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